Tulip Entertainment represents Warner Bros and Universal Pictures film disribution in Israel 

• Warner Bros is an American entertainment company, which is a division of Time Warner whose headquarters are Burbank, California. 


• Universal Pictures is an American film studio, which is owned by Comcast through the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group division of its subsidiary – NBC Universal.


• Our areas of expertise are: Family Entertainment, spotting teen favorites, independent commercial opportunities, and more. 


How Do We Do It

• Combination of research and experience.

• 360 degrees – working in all fronts around every possible title with merchandise, books, etc.

• Leveraging the constant changes in the media sphere.

• Yearly deals of marketing to be broadcasted time in prime-time shows. 

• Utilizing venues to support releases.

• Increasing B2B potential.

• Foster brand ambassadors; giving the right tools for creating buzz to the right trendsetters.