Social Responsibility – Our Commitments


We, in Tulip Entertainment, aspire to act for the well-being of the people with whom we live in our community. Community bonds are one of the major motives that inspire our operations, and we believe we have a moral duty and responsibility towards society. Active involvement in society constitutes a significant factor in our vision, which is evident in special screening we perform for communities at need, and providing invitations to important premieres

  • Active involvement in the local film community.
  • Becoming a positive influence by: encouraging creativity, scholarships, initiatives and sponsorships for local projects: microcinema, film students, education by films, periphery screenings etc.
  • To always work in full transparency and in good faith.
  • To create true value and vitality for the local entertainment guild.
  • To encourage positive public relations
  • To strengthen the possibility of cooperation from industy



Tulip Winery


Tulip Entertainment are proud to endorse Tulip Winery which combines the production of quality wines with a contribution to the community, is situated on a hillside in Kfar Tikva, a small and pastoral community for the special needs population, which aims to enable these community members to develop and realize their potential


Kfar Tikva


Kfar Tikva is a home for special people. It is a community that constitutes a unique model in Israel and abroad, in which a person with disabilities and special needs can develop and realize their abilities. The village was established in 1964 by the agronomist Dr. Siegfried Hirsch, on Givot Zaid in the Jezreel Valley, near Kiryat Tivon.



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