TULIP GROUP represents major international brands in Europe (including UK, Israel, Greece and others).


OUR GOAL is to be the trusted partner for our represented companies, to realize their full potential in the local markets while delivering best in class execution and performance. 


TULIP ENTERTAINMENT specializes in maximizing theatrical releases and entertainment branding, leading each brand to it's full commercial potential.

Among our Partners are WB studios and Universal Pictures.


Our company also engages in areas of commercialization, apps development, gaming,  cinematic oriented software and other close related fields.

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About Us

Tulip Entertainment is the exclusive Israeli film distributor of Warner Bros in Israel and of Universal Pictures.


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    watcH now the Movie trailer


    watcH now the Movie trailer

Team Israel

TULIP ENTERTAINMENT  is the exclusive film distributor of Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures in Israel. 


Our team are among the most experienced in the business, specializing in major releases and family entertainment. We stand behind mega success like "The Minions","Fast  the Furious", Fifty Shades of Grey" and Harry Potter movies. 


In the upcoming months Tulip Entertainment will distribute some of the most successful franchises ever, including: ‘Minions', 'jurassic world', 'Puss in boots' and DC comics most anticipated movies such as: 'The Batman', 'Flash', 'Aquaman 2' and more.

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